How To Remove Background Noise From Audio

Are you looking for a way to remove background noise from audio file? If so, this article will help you figure out the easiest way to do so. It is not always possible to create the perfect environment when you’re recording an audio/video clip. There is always some noise or the other which can ruin the entire thing. Creating an ideal space to get the perfect sound while recording is not always possible. But, it is possible to remove background noise from audio using simple tools.

Remove Audio and Video Background Noise With Ease

There are different tools available which are used for audio noise removal and each tool has its own features. One thing that you have to do, regardless of the tool you use is to find out where the noise is present in the audio. If the noise is present throughout the clip, then also you can remove it.

Figuring out the right tool for online audio noise removal could be a bit of a hassle because there are so many tools to choose from. Here are a couple of the best tools which you can experiment with, and go for the one which suits your needs the most.

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Best Tools Online To Remove Background Audio Noise



This tool is an audio and video processor. You can use several features from this tool, one of them being audio noise removal. Once you open this tool in your browser, add the file you want to work on, be it audio or video. Then, use the options given under “Noise and Hum Reduction”. You can manually edit this or just click on the “Auto” button. You can reduce all the noise, or just reduce it a bit, or adjust the noise according to your requirement. There will be a visual wave guide for you to figure things out in details. Edit the file as you wish and Save it in your system.

Access Auphonic here.

Note: The free version of Auphonic only provides 2 hours of processed audio per month. You can buy a plan according to your needs; checkout pricing here.

Audio Denoise


This is yet another great tool to remove background audio noise. Just as instructed before, choose the file you need to edit and choose the Default Settings. This will get rid of basic and obvious noise. You can check out some Demo Files available to see how it works. After that, you can then go to Advanced Settings, which can help you manually make adjustments to your audio clip. Under the “Settings” option, you can enter the values you need to change the Noise Model Type and for Overall Noise Removal as well. You can also do other things like Analyze Block Size, Input Smoothing, and others. Keep working on the various options till your audio is perfect and clear. Once done, you can download your new changed file and save it in your system.

Try out Audio Denoise here.

Before trying out any online free tools to remove background noise, you should go through some tutorials to understand what kind of changes are basically used for this process. Do this especially if it’s your first time. Most tools come with some guidelines on how to use them so having basic knowledge about audio editing would be more than enough to use these tools.

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