How To Save Webpage As PDF File

Many a times it so happens that we come across something interesting or important online and we want to keep a copy of that information to access it later. The best way to do so is to save webpage as PDF.

What is a PDF?

A PDF or a Portable Document Format is a file format which is used to capture, save and send documents. Created in 1991 by Adobe, a PDF can help you create and save various things like business logic, buttons, links, videos, audio files, form fields and many more.

On a side note: Did you know, Wikispaces is shutting down? Here are some Wikispaces alternatives.

Why save a webpage in PDF format?

Saving a webpage to PDF is the best way to access all the data on a webpage whenever you need to. It is not always possible to access your browser’s bookmark as you might even need to read a page when offline. You can even share PDF files as slides with others.

If you wish to do so, here are a couple of ways by which you can convert webpage to PDF:


Website to save webpage as pdf

This is an online tool which you can use to instantly save any webpage into PDF format on your PC. After opening the main page, all you have to do is enter the link of the webpage you wish to save and click on “Convert”. After your conversion is complete, you can download and save your PDF file on your system. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save webpage as PDF. If you wish to use this tool, just follow the following link.

Access this website here.

Webpage to PDF Converter (Chrome Extension)

Chrome extension to save webpage as PDF

If you are a Chrome user and you wish to quickly access a webpage to PDF converter whenever you want, then adding an extension would be the best option. Click here to add the extension to Chrome. It will directly take you to the page of Webpage to PDF Converter extension for Chrome. You can click on the “Visit Website” option there. There, on the website, you can also save a webpage as PDF directly, without the extension.

When you are at the extension page, just click on “Add Extension” option. You may see a pop-up asking you if you want to add the extension to Chrome. If you see this, click on Yes and you may proceed to download and install this extension. Once it’s done, whenever you want to save a webpage as PDF, look to your upper right corner on your browser and you will find this extension. Simply click on it and save whichever page you wish to.


So, here were some of the best options available out there, that will help you save a webpage as PDF. Both the methods are pretty straightforward and simple to use. I would recommend the online tool if you want to save webpage as PDF once in a blue moon. If you are going to regularly convert a webpage to PDF, I would suggest the Chrome extension. Let us know in the comments what all extra features you would like with these tools.

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