Project Treble on OnePlus 5/5T: Latest OOS Beta Brings Support

Project Treble on Oneplus 5-5t

OnePlus is a brand driven by its user community; or at least that’s what they say. While the brand has always insisted that its decisions are driven by user feedback, it had announced that it won’t be bringing Project Treble on OnePlus 5 and 5T. The decision was met with frowns across the community. OnePlus users of the 5 twins, however, were in for a pleasant surprise when the latest Oxygen OS Beta was listed to have support for Google’s Project.

Project Treble is actually part of Google’s plan to bring more uniformity to the diverse ecosystem of Android devices. In fact, by the end of 1st half of 2018, only 8.03% of Android devices have been upgraded to Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo. Project Treble is Google’s knight in shining armour to arm Android in the battle against iOS by shortening the turnaround time for OEM software updates after Google pushes one out. Here are some of the most significant feature additions that came with this OOS update:

  • Project Treble support
  • Colour wheel selection for the accent colour
  • Several UI changes including launcher search tags, icons, among others.
  • A New Improved app list for hidden space and toolbox
  • An updated, more impressive weather app.

OnePlus suggests you install an earlier version of the OOS Beta first before installing the OOS 13/11 beta update for the OnePlus 5/5T. This build of OOS (and others) can be downloaded from this official link. After the hiccup it had with the OnePlus 2, the OEM has definitely upped its game in the software update department ever since the OnePlus 3 and has been setting an example for other OEMs whose products also come at a considerable premium. Fans should keep their fingers crossed, however, hoping that Project Treble does indeed deliver on what it promises – quicker roll-out of major Android upgrades.

via XDA


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