Android P Beta Preview 4: Here’s Everything We Know of the Final Beta

Android P Beta Preview 4

Android P Beta Preview 4 is here, and how! Google released the final beta of Android P for Developers (and users with a knack for untested waters) on the 25th of July, 2018. Unlike the previous beta release of Android P, the final build promises a host of new features (which we will talk about), along with better stability and no major bugs.

Although there are no words from Google on the release date of the final build of Android P or Android 9.0; the Android P Beta Preview 4, also known as Developer Preview 5 offers developers an opportunity to test out app compatability and general stability to adapt before the final version rolls out. As far as it’s speculated, there should be no ‘major’ changes supposedly arriving via the beta channel now. But, in case there is one, we will update this space as well.

As per the public release of Android Oreo last year, you can expect a public launch of Android P somewhere around September this year.

Android P Beta Preview 4: Does My Device Qualify?

So, what are the phones that can get the final build of Android P Beta Preview? Thanks to Project Treble, Android P Beta developer preview can be tested on around 12 phones. This includes the Essential Phone, the Google Pixel/Pixel 2 siblings, Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6 (no Project Treble on OnePlus 5/5T, 🙁 tough luck ), and Sony Xperia XZ2, among others. More on that list here.

Android P Beta Preview 4: The Features that Matter

It was clear since the previous beta releases of Android P that it will undergo substantial changes, both visually and functionally. In case you are unaware, let’s check out some changes that have been introduced to Android P:

  • Custom App usage control (meant to keep you from wasting time on your phone)
  • Sleep mode that turns phone’s screen into Black and White (which might literally bore you off to sleep).
  • Some serious DND features (finally, a flip switch for all notifications).
  • Gesture-based navigation (the ancient home and back buttons have not been removed though, yet).
  • In-built Screenshot Annotation, Editing, and other features.
  • Full-screen (somewhat) live multitasking preview. (Convenient. Thank you, Google.)
  • Lots of round corners throughout the UI.
  • No more Microphone icon in the Google search bar (the one feature I knew I wanted ever since Android was born).
  • Several under-the-hood changes and bug fixes we probably do not know about yet.

In case you are interested in a detailed list of features that Android P Beta Preview 4 has to offer, go here (all thanks go to Dieter Bohn from The Verge).

The next thing that most of us are waiting for is what Android 9.0 is going to be called. Is it Android Pancake? Android Popsicle? No one knows but Google. As we sit by the window sipping on that cup of coffee while staring towards the horizon wondering what Android could be (and what it should be) called; it’s time you gave the final build of Android P beta developer preview a spin.

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